Chilly Grabouw

We have so much to be thankful for. Just this week our Pastor reminded us to give thanks in ALL situations. We all go through tough times. Bad things happen, but without God & His provision in our lives, life would be a living hell. It’s a choice we must individually make….. to choose to see the good until it becomes second nature.

It’s in the hope that things will improve, having faith in the small areas as well as the big things. Our prayer is that God will illuminate the simple blessings we take for granted. One of my habits is to switch on to News 24….not a great start to the day as most of it is bad news. Starting the day with God & listening for His still small voice has proved to be a much better way to begin & I start to see the blessings through the haze of darkness in our world. Remember, He has a plan, He’s won the battle, It’s our character He’s developing…..Give Him all the glory.



Amazing Umkumaas Drop

A massive thank you to all who prayed, gave & supported Lees & I in doing this epic event. It was an amazing event to do together & the memories keep playing back in our minds over & over. Keeping that level of fitness is another issue all-together. The funds we raised are being added to other donations & the work on the new Therapy Centre is in the final planning stages. We still have two families staying in the accommodation so we need to be sensitive to their needs & the timing of the renovations, but it’s all looking very exciting & trusting for many people & children who will benefit from the Centre.


Last leg 86km under Macadamia nut trees



Lees the farm girl

Lisa & I were hugely blessed by a special couple who made it possible for us to attend Tim Berger’s wedding in July. We spent 10 days with this amazing family & after much praying & begging the Lord to find a wife for Tim….our prayers were answered. Kidding Timo. It was an amazing wedding where God was glorified & we look forward to an amazing marriage that will continue to bring Him glory.


Tim, Martha, Selah & Miley


In addition to that, two gentlemen from Social Development arrived at Lighthouse on Tuesday with no application or contact from our side to inform us that the department was sending a team of professional contractors to help us repair, paint etc. all expenses paid. This was after talking about getting our church involved in helping with the exact issues a few days before. This is a huge blessing which free’s us…& the church to get the Therapy Centre off the ground. Thank you Lord.

NEW SIGNSLighthouse Mission Sign 1500x1000mm.jpg

After a hectic storm & the occasional vandalism on our Lighthouse Sign’s on both sites were blown off, broken & destroyed we have two new signs made of sturdier stuff back up. Gavin Foulston our Graphic Designer changed the old wording for us from ‘walking together’ to just ‘ together’. We prefer the simpler version which allows us to do everything we do….’together’. The sites are really looking good & producing some awesome fruit.

The staff are happy & content, The kids are benefiting from some very good attention & on-going training from Chantel Miles with our Practitioners are making a very positive difference. There’s a new energy after a couple very heavy years, especially on the big site.



Lettie’s new wheels

It’s been almost 9 years of Mission with this amazing lady. From the very beginning where we had access to a small room in a dilapidated house, cold, dark & leaking to where we are now thanks to His goodness. It’s amazing to see how God has changed her life & the direction of her small family. From poverty & abuse to Portia her daughter being the 1st in her family to buy a car, start a degree & get an amazing job at an excellent school. Her son Linden has recently matriculated & is looking at studying Psychology. Recently Lettie purchased her 1st car. She is yet to drive it but once that fear has been faced I’m pretty sure her life will change radically. It’s been a 180 turn & so good to witness



The construction has begun & Angela & Garth, a couple who have headed the call to serve this community, have partnered with us to fill the gap.


Baby-in-the-wall construction

This will be a structure that un-wanted babies can be placed safely & securely. An alarm will go off & the baby can be placed in a safe environment. We hope to be able to council the moms who feel they have no choice but to part with their little ones. But in the meantime this is a safe place from where we can start.

Hope you are all well. Please let us know & how we can pray for you or help in any way.

All our love

The Muir’s xxx